The Greatest Delusion In Training

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The Greatest Delusion In Education
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#Greatest #Delusion #Education
You are not a visible learner — learning styles are a cussed delusion. A part of this video is sponsored by Google Search. Special...
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  1. I hear at what your saying, I see where your going, I have a good feel for this, I sense some learning.

  2. One counterpoint to this:

    To me learning style doesn't dictate if you CAN remember something, it just makes it easier or quicker. So, people could be having a harder time but still coming to the same result just with more effort.

    Also, how do you explain people's actual experiences. For me, I feel as if I am very clearly a visual learner. For example, if I'm trying to remember directions, or where a car is parked, I'll remember based on landmarks. Like, "oh, I was facing this store from this angle, so the car is down that street" or "oh here's that house with the blue door that I passed, I must have to turn here." With a GPS, I look at the lines of the streets relative to what I'm seeing irl, not the street names or signs.

    I do all of these things instinctively, they're my first reaction, and if I try to remember words, I find it difficult.

    I have a hard time focusing when reading, I often realize I've just read a page without actually absorbing any information and have to go back to read it again, or read an entire article through multiple times to actually grasp it. If I have pictures, or even just audio, this doesn't happen at all.

    I'm not saying you're definitely wrong, it just seems to go very much against everything I experience in a way that doesn't seem to have an explanation.

    Edit: I started noticing this before anyone had told me anything about learning styles, it was just how it worked for me.

  3. Im graduating college this year. Most of my teachers ive had in my life had the strategy "try the lesson, blame the student". Totally squeezed the love of learning out of me for a while.

  4. The tip about google searches info was as relevant as the subject matter discussed in the video. My head just exploded. Thank you. 😀

  5. Y'all be like "I'm a visual learner" no dude you just didn't pay attention to the lecture 😭😭

  6. It feel a bit weird. I always had heard of learning style but I truly never saw it in my class. I feel like the teachers already knew it was BS so they just do all the ‘’Style’’ at the same time. They talk while writing on the board the stuff that you have on your book.
    If feel as someone who had lot of trouble in the past that VARK is not a style per se. But more like a form of missing information for someone to fully comprehend a concept.
    Let’s say math the favorite of everyone. You SEE the formula. You HEAR it’s name. You READ the equation. You USE the formula.
    You SEE and HEAR to learn thing.
    You READ to know how to use it(in theory)
    You USE it to master it’s fonction in a problem. It’s simply mean that there is a possibility that a stage is easier to comprehend.

  7. @Veratasium – I love your thought process and the way you approach the subject at hand. There is never a dull moment with you and the way you come at problems and solve them. Thanks for all you do!!

  8. I never liked lectures, but I think that's just because teachers talk so slowly compared my reading speed. When I watch youtube videos I tend to speed them up to at least 1.5x. I think it's an attention thing rather than a learning style thing.

  9. Why do students so easily and enthusiastically accept this idea when other ideas about learning are often received with reluctance or denial? Isn't it likely because they actually have preferences about learning that they can identify? Do people really believe it solely because of confirmation bias? Confirmation bias can certainly confirm misconceptions, but people also tend to notice when they have difficulty or preference with some ways of communicating information compared to others.

    Do the studies consider how an individual actually likes to learn and what they find easier? It may not be something that impacts noticeably on grades/tests, but just in the level of ease/difficulty each person finds in different "types" of learning. In fact, such a preference may not even be about ease of learning but just what people like, just like preferences for different subjects. Good students may work through ways of learning they don't like, just like they may still apply themselves just as well to subjects they don't prefer.

    In fact, maybe both VARK and the scientific studies are incorrectly categorising something that involves a preference between different ways of receiving/absorbing information. How are "learning styles" and the proficiency of teachers defined? Certainly VARK doesn't have the scientific backing necessary to validate its claims.

    …Although, speaking of confirmation bias, the "test" on the street in this video was pretty unscientific too (please don't use that kind of test to support your conclusions – it kinda undermines them).

    It makes sense that different people have preferences for different ways of learning because at least some people clearly have ways they like to learn. Does this change their grades? Who knows. Certainly multimodal learning is better because it provides the opportunity to absorb information in multiple different ways at once, even if one of those ways is less effective than the others. I have no idea if learning styles or similar ideas actually exist, but I know I find it much harder to take in information from speaking voices. Videos help me take in information, but I often need subtitles, even in videos in English.

  10. I used to think I was not an auditory learner because I could never learn from lectures. Turns out I just have ADHD, and lectures require you to focus consistently or you fall behind.

  11. I can't learn by hearing stuff. I instantly forget everything. I need some words to read (then I don't even listen much to what is said) or pictures to get a rough idea about how it works/what it's about. (I have autism, I guess that's part why I can't concentrate on listening – I'm also really easily distracted by any other sounds)
    But I also need to do it myself. So eg doing math. Doing a calculation with different numbers to actually see how it affects the solution.
    Was a straight A student after doing it myself at home (with some google/wikipedia), because I couldn't understand what my teacher was trying to explain (but I guess the problem in school is, that the teachers can't focus on every student the time they actually need/in which style they need to learn due to time reasons)… 😂

  12. Good video but eff "Google Search" and any other english verb that is preceded with 'Google'.

  13. How do we explain that, I can make a lawn chair using a Youtube video better than following the same instructions but written down on paper? I feel like it boils down to, you are making an assumption that performance should be better if you are exposed to your "personal" learning style. But the reality is, you will perform the same, but if you are exposed to your undesired learning method, you will have to put forth more effort to retain or learn information.

  14. I think it just depends on the content. For one thing we may be able to remember it from words because they are resonating with some previous memory or is more interesting to speak, while for the other thing it might be more easily stuck visually.

  15. My learning style is complicated , I have to read understand, to understand I may have explain it someone else, then make diagrams to make it easy to remember

  16. government wont pay attention and pay money for every student who had their own style

  17. When my wife caught me while watching porn, I just said I'm a visual learner…

    And she answered: Yeah…a bad one obvious…

  18. I usually need to interact with the lesson to learn, like I'm that one kid in class that asks a million questions during a lecture. Also having to do a worksheet on a video is the worst way for me to learn why tf do teachers think this works.

  19. Studying in Nigeria i never knew such a thing as learning styles existed, I didn’t believe I had a learning style I just found I was better with classes with practicals and things I can see , if I didn’t studying 3 times as hard for verbal only classes I would generally fail. So maybe they need to keep conducting more tests.

  20. I didn't even know learning styles exist until this video popped up lol..

  21. My grade 8 science project, back in the late 80's, was on learning styles. My teacher was shocked and surprised when I submitted my project idea. All my subjects were my classmates. Over a span of a couple weeks I tested their comprehension of certain short stories, pictures, and videos; through visual, audio, and reading. When the science fair day came, my booth wasn't the most popular with any of the other kids, but with all the school teachers and parents… they loved it. I remember the results of my project was inconclusive because I tested each student individually with each individual method of learning. No one method of learning is better than another, but combining multiple methods of learning is where results would be seen. But I ran out of time to combine methods of learning before the project was due.

  22. “YoU ArE NoT a ViSuAl LeArNeR”
    You sir have bad grammar (:
    it’s “You’re” not “You Are”

  23. I learn best interactively. So that means I jump out of planes to test gravity. Physics. I jump into deep water to test, Fluid Dynamics. Or I might tempt a lion to learn Biology, Evolution, Psychology. All lessons are learned immediately and quite permanently.

  24. see most people say they are a visval lerner becuase they are always presented with a teacher standing in front of them while not showing anything else to help them learn
    idk wtf u talking about learning styles investment here in india theres still several teachers who just read the fkin book to teach

  25. I learn best when engaging multiple senses. If I'm only reading, especially from a screen, it's likely that I won't remember the material. Using a tangible book, however, gives me the visual (seeing), kinesthetic (touching), auditory (reading aloud), and it even allows me to smell the pages. Also, muscle memory wasn't mentioned, but that is very helpful as well.

  26. All my life, when I have been told to take these tests, my results are always almost even across the board. Visual and auditory are even or 1 off whilst kinesthetic is usually 2 or 3 lower on a point scale. So I always thought it was silly and thought it was a waste of time.

  27. Yeah, the literature consistently shows that multi-media material is what does the trick. A teacher talking about a topic, while you watch a diagram, see a map, sometimes things like bringing props to language lessons that the students can grasp and touch, etc.

  28. Before seeking to engage others on pedagogy, I’d suggest developing methodology understanding. The experiment fails to control for learning aptitude and pre-engagement ability. Of course the results show no patterns based on only one independent variable. Like most things explained with reference to “simple examples”, they are not complex enough to tell you anything meaningful about complex reality. Learning style theory is also essentialised here. It’s an F from me 😉

  29. I’ve been self-studying A-Level Maths for the last two years and I think the real method to learning in my own experience is ‘repetition’. Similar to how you would work out in a gym, the more you do it the better you become at it.

    I think I’ve taught myself more in the last two years than any of my teachers ever did in school.

  30. I have noticed: best minds in the world tend to know how different pieces interact with each other in a system and the measure of our learning tends to be the ability to alter the different pieces of that system. I think no matter how you learn, understanding the same is what is necessary and if our education system can some how find a way to emphasize that relation and interaction all can have a better learning experience. Dan Brown and Lee Child novels come to mind.

  31. If American students were provided half as much knowledge as they are excuses, they would be the most intelligent civilization in the world.

  32. And yet, there IS a connection between peoples interests and the ability to remember something easily. But it´s not as stated in that video and meassured in the studies, since they got a wrong aproach…

    Humans "learn" something by connecting the new piece of information presentet to (atleast) one end of their big Tree of neural network, that makes up their mind of knowledge. The more of those connections, the better something is memorized. So that you find "the way" back to it later more easily, when you want to acess this memory.

    And what indeed IS DIFFERENT for everyone, is the size, directon and structure of that tree of thoughts – and how many free "endpoints" there are, a new information can easily be linked to. Or in other woords: everyone specializes his mind to other global interests, where he find´s it more easy to learn stuff around.
    Thats also why studies like in the video, wich testet the ability of learning in one particular field, won´t find any differences – cause the students knowledgetree around that field should be more or less the same. But in addition, when teachers just test the ability to memorize simple patterns (mostly only short-term) without any further use, there may be some corelations visible to the peoples interests, or then called "larning styles".

  33. Because there are many variables, many "tests" are really not veritable. Or, people may be misinterpreting facts. Too many variables are in play. I am a visual-kinesthetic learner, not because I have been 'tested" but because I CANNOT learn through auditory methods. I always carried a notebook and took notes during lectures and, because I want to know the whole picture of something or thought I might miss something, I looked at my notes and then looked up and added as much information as needed for me to be satisfied that i understood the WHOLE picture of something and not just a piece, as many researchers or learners do, thinking they know everything about something from a little piece of information. . One must test everything with logic to be sure. Because of this, I successfully earned four degrees and for forty-five years taught my students at the beginning of my classes how to use their brains and their strengths so that they would perform well not only in my class but retain enough knowledge about themselves to become independent learners. So, I cannot discount the information about certain strengths people have and should learn how to use. Sometimes very smart people do not know how they can best learn and lose excellent opportunities to get ahead because they think they cannot. As a teacher-trainer and professor, I also use info from Harvard research on the brain to learn how it works and how to use it more effectively, and I wold impart that to my students as part of the course. The problem is that many people learn a little about a topic and may discard it as useless because they do not know how to use the idea successfully. Every person is an individual. One size does not fit all, and any teacher who thinks that is true might teach to only one modality, and that cannot spell success for each student. And every student deserves to be as successful as he/she can be. One country that was recently No. 1 on the scale of global educational status, takes into account the differences of their students and works closely with the family and student. We are only at the 29% of global status in education. And we are on the 17% in reading. What a shame.

  34. I'm going with reading/writing but learning something and learning to do something are different things entirely. You seem to equate learning with memorization. To me learning is new understandings. Being able to remember something does not necessarily mean you understand it. Parrots can talk but don't understand what they are saying..

  35. There is only one thing that defines if I learn or not. It is if I care. If I don't care, I won't learn. Furthermore, if I'm forced to remember for an exam, but I don't care, I'll forget about it within hours after the exam.

  36. This actually makes sense, No wonder I can't understand a sentence when it comes to explaining something, I need a Demo or action to actually understand it.. Now I learn that I'am Visual Learner.

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